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Get your carpets clean as can be!

The owner does the workTrena and Machine

Times are tough and when you pay for something you want to know the job is done right. I come to all the jobs and make sure you are satisfied and that you will be a customer for life.


What do we do?

At Carpet Genie, we use the dry(er) carpet cleaning method.  We dampen the carpets and using a specially designed scrubber attached to a floor buffing machine.  Your carpets get deep down clean without overwetting and dries in about an hour.  We also offer commercial floor cleaning including stripping and waxing.  With our equipment there is no long hoses to drag through your home or office.  Everything comes inside. Learn More


What are the benefits?

Dry carpet in one hour. No damage to or stretching of the carpet due to overwetting.  Spots won’t resurface. No possibility of mold for carpets that lay damp for days.

What else?

We recommend that you have your carpets protected with our dupont/teflon stain protector.

What about pet stains and odors?

We offer Sanitizing for pet stains and odors arising from urine, feces and vomit. We can also eliminate skunk odors.
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What about mold?

We have a Quat Guard disinfectant.  This disinfectant is hospital grade and will do the job when nothing else will.  We recommend using in ventilated areas only or keep away for 24 hours.

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