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Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Many people ask me why dry cleaning carpet is superior to steam cleaning carpet.  Let me start by comparing the process.   Steam cleaning pushes gallons of soap and water, forcefully, into your carpet and then vacuums some of it out.

What happens when this water pushes down through the fibers is that it gathers some of the dirt and forces it into the back of your carpet and into the padding.  These granules of dirt rub the carpet and padding from underneath and wear it down over time.  The excess water also weakens the carpet causing it to stretch out, sometimes to the point where you can see visible lumps across the floor due to excess carpet.  The water coming out of the sprayer can also ‘push’ stains into the carpet that will disappear while the carpet is wet but slowly comes back throughout the fibers as it dries causing the spot to reappear. This is called “wicking”You may also get a slight smell and a dingy look to your carpet as it dries and a film settles over it.

Don’t do this to your carpets:  Steam Cleaning:

Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.

The dry cleaning process takes a different approach.  The top of the carpet (where the dirt’s at) is moistened using a combination of high quality cleaning agents.  We then use a floor buffing machine with a very specialized attachment; brushes on the outside with a cotton pad in the center.  These brushes loosen the dirt and the cotton pad absorbs it.  When the pad won’t hold anymore dirt, it is exchanged for another until we stop pulling up dirt out of the carpet.  This process pulls the dirt and stains up and out of the carpet instead of pushing it into your carpet.  Since your carpet isn’t over soaked it dries in about an hour compared to 24-96 hours for steam cleaning.  It doesn’t leave a residue and brings your carpet back it’s original luster because we have pulled out, instead of pushed in, the dirt.

Get your carpets cleaner with the dry method:

Cleaner polishing office floor